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About FW

sandy pigi about usI was born in Athens and from a young age I could define myself as a restless spirit!

I was about 15 when I found out my passion for photography. I created fashion projects, always aiming at an eccentric result. My love for art didn’t take long to come out, at 18, being a college student in Social Work, I started creating handmade jewelry from disposable materials and wood. Paris was a milestone in my life, where I lived sporadically for five years. Inspired by it, I dreamt of my personal contribution to fashion.

Therefore, I traveled often in Europe in order to enhance my knowledge about fashion and the current trends. I have always admired the eccentric accessories, especially bags, therefore I wanted to create my own collection.

In light of my love for wood, I decided to creatively surprise the public by launching the first entirely handmade wooden bags collection in Greece (FW bags). The name "FW bags" comes from the words Feel Wood. I always liked puns, but a bit more concentrating on the meaning of the words.

I recommend you to feel and fall in love with your FW bag.

My parents' passion and preoccupation with wooden constructs in fact triggered the creation of the brand. I designed my first bag in our workshop in Nafplio. I was curious and eager for the result. In the beginning, my parents or better yet my support, were cautious. However, we started to work intensively, each one in their field. I took over the creative aspect and design and my parents the construction...

In a short time, my bags gained demand and this gave me the boost to design more accessories such as wallets, ties and bow ties. In my creations the vintage element dominates due to my influences by the “City of Love”.

The texture and the smell of wood will enchant you and convince you of the uniqueness of the product.

My experience so far has shown me that although our imagination sometimes pushes us to create unconventional things... there will always be people who will offer support. My goal is to keep doing what I love and at the same time be able to make you smile and excite you with my creations...